The Gambia Muslim Senior Secondary School is a category 3 school founded in its present form in September 1975.  It was born out of the desire of the Gambia Muslim Association (GMA) under the leadership of Dr. Ebrahim Malick Samba a medical doctor and renowned diplomat who was the Chairman of the Board and until recently was made the Honorary life Chairman of the Board of Governors; to cater for the education of the Gambia Muslim Youths who could not gain admission to the then missionary schools. They started as an Arabic School (Madrassah) which was hosted at the Muhammadan Primary School, Banjul in 1966. The success of this school inspired them to build a school of their own, named Gambia Muslim High School which subsequently accommodated both English and Arabic students. It was renamed The Gambia Muslim Senior Secondary School in 1995 as was required by the New Education policy (6-3-3-4). The first Principal of the school was Alhagie Sheikh Adama Joof.
The Gambia Muslim Senior Secondary School constitutes an English section of grades 10, 11 and 12 and an Arabic section (Madrassa) of grades 1 to 12.It is a Co-educational institution, the largest and one of the oldest and most established schools in the Gambia. It is located at the place called Half-Die about 100 meters away from the Banjul Dockyard in the capital. Its location provides one of the few city attractions to seamen who could not find it possible to disembark.Gambia Muslim Senior Secondary School is a community-based government assisted school. The management of the school is in the hands of a Board of Governors which is appointed for a three-year term and it is government grant aided school.

The school depends for most of its finance from internal funding and donations. With its small finances, the school provides services to students. This includes sponsorship and provision of other school materials. About 20% of the annual enrollment of students in this school is either sponsored by the school or the school assists in finding sources for sponsorship from individuals and organizations.


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